Who We Are

Who We Are

At Cidea, we understand that planning and executing an effective growth strategy can be a complex process with a seemingly endless array of options.

We cut through the noise and provide concise solutions that help you GROW.

Cidea offers representation and management solutions that bring clarity to your sales, marketing, and expansion opportunities. We have access to a vast network of skilled collaborators who can develop and execute strategic sales and marketing programs.

We work alongside you to develop and strengthen the IMAGE you have envisioned for yourself and your business.

Cindy Collins


Cindy Collins is a millennial business development strategist, marketing execution expert, and relationship manager who has a deep passion for nurturing growth, building communities, and collaborating.

A creative problem-solver with over 17 years of refined business experience across several markets, Cindy founded Cidea in the Fall of 2015 in her hometown of Guelph, Ontario.